From Chapter 1
Many times before, I had prayed eager "give-me" prayers (give-me-customers, give-me-funds). But, on one black morning in November, with my resistance broken, I humbly prayed the first "give-it-up" prayer. In the face of embarrassment and failure, for the first time my prayer centered around God's will and not mine. Until then, what I had really meant was that it would be fine to follow God's will, as long as it was consistent with my own goals. On this morning I simply prayed that if it was God's will for me to close Office Pride, then I would.

From Chapter 13
There is much more to good financial management than figuring out how to make payroll on Friday.

From Chapter 31
There is no such thing as a Christian business. I know people mean well when they say they own a Christian business, but it is just not possible. A business is a thing of this world. It doesn't go to Heaven, it has no soul and it doesn't qualify for redemption. This is different than saying a business is owned and operated by Christians. In fact, how we go about and operate our business can have eternal significance. More than this, it is how you use your business to touch people's lives that you elevate your work to an eternally significant plane.

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